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cisca kinks
Textured puff from a chunky twistout this weekend
Hi loves, I had an experience while preparing for wash day this past weekend and I felt I should share. This is somewhat related to pre -pooing too. Sometimes I finger detangle during the pre-poo process and sometimes I do not (I talked about prepooing in my last post here). I decided to use the Kui leave-in conditioning mist to detangle but the first section of my hair wasn't behaving and my ends felt scraggly. I went ahead to do the second section and

Pre-poo | The Why's and How to.

cisca kinks
Via The Huffington Post
Prepoo huh? Yes PrePoo.
This post is mostly targeted to our transitioning or newbie natural sisters or those who don't know what pre-poo is. To our veteran Naturals or Natural hair gurus, please feel free to chime in.

But first what does prepoo or prepoo-ing mean.

Amazing Benefits of using Green Tea for your Hair.

cisca kinks
This tea is not looking green, this maybe due to the fact that I let it steep for long.
Have you ever tried the Green tea either by drinking it or for your hair? I love green tea because of the antioxidants it's packed with and its amazing benefits. 
Green tea is a type of tea

Is it Possible to get Long Nigerian Natural Hair?

cisca kinks
Chinwe of Igbo curls -  Nigerian Natural Hair can indeed grow really long.
Hola friends and welcome to the blog! Today's post is somewhat related to the health and length of our Natural Hair especially us Nigerians and Africans in general. Wait first o....

Rice Water Rinse on Natural Hair

cisca kinks

I have been experimenting on my hair with ingredients from the kitchen and I must say the results have been worthwhile. 
I didn't want the onion juice post to be lengthy (if you missed it click here)  that's the reason I didn't combine both but they were done on the same day. 
After watching Green Beauty Channel's video on rice water,