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Harmattan season - Protecting your Hair

We are nearing the harmattan season though every where where I am in Lagos seems so hot. I am not understanding. 
When it comes, the weather will be so dry and dusty as always, therefore, we need to protect our hair from loosing moisture. We will also need to increase the frequency of wash days due to dust accumulation.
If our hair is not taken care of properly during this period, it can get dry and brittle, resulting in breakage. That's one scary word to we naturalistas, right?
If you want to do protective hairstyles such as braids, twists,

Mini length Check.

cisca kinks

Hi hi beautiful naturalistas,
Sorry this is coming late. This post was supposed to come after the post on My Natural Hair Chronicles but I got sidetracked. Now, here it is :) 
I was preparing for wash day (Two Saturdays ago) and decided to do a mini length check. I have been natural for about 2 years and 7 months, and my hair grows at an average of 4.5 to 5 inches per year.

Natural Hair Newbie Starter Kit / How to avoid being a "Product Junkie".

cisca kinks

This post started out as just one topic and then morphed into two (since they go hand in hand) as it progressed, hence the 2-in-1 heading. Back to business......
There is this tendency to become what is known a "product junkie" if you are starting out as a naturalista, except being frugal is one of your virtues. You see a stranger's hair looking yummy and you are like "what do you use for your hair?"
The person tells you and off to natural hair stores you go. Only to find out on application, the product doesn't work for your hair or

To Big chop or Transition - My story

I finally made the decision to go natural in final year of Pharmacy School. Had a colleague that had started out and I really liked how her hair was turning out. It was quite easy for me to make my decision because I really didn't have a lot of growth for like 7 years at the time...and I wanted growth like really wanted growth.
So I decided to keep making my hair but no relaxers...

Natural Hair Event | NITC

There is an event coming up in December called Naturals in the City! which I don't wanna miss for anything. Its a Lagos quarterly natural hair meet up happening live at Cafe Neo, 6, Agoro odiyan street, V/I Lagos on 17th of December, 2016.
Time is 1pm to 6pm.
There will be amazing workshops, products to shop, and its an opportunity to network........yaaay!

cisca kinks

I so love the theme of the event, catchy right, 'cos I am definitely "heading strong into 2017".

#1 My Natural Hair Chronicles

If you have gotten to a point in your natural hair journey where you feel your hair isn't growing.....raise your hands!!!

I decided to up my deep conditioning and protein treatment and after some months

Natural Hair Care Series - Hair shears

Hey guys,
I believe there is nothing new again in the natural hair community, but it is good we remind ourselves of information we may have tossed aside and are beneficial to us.

Natural hair care is a very broad topic so I will be posting in tidbits.

I have been natural for 2 years plus, big chopped in March 2014. I experience Hands in Hair syndrome (HIHs) and single strand knots (SSKs)  whenever I leave my hair out like a twist out or something.
So I have taken it upon myself to take my hair shears with me so that when I feel a knot I can't untangle, I will just snip it off and also to subconsciously remind myself...

                                                        Girl.....don't touch that hair!
If interested, you can check this out at

P.S I am not scissors happy, just healthy hair conscious.
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

My Natural Hair Journey

I decided to post a short video on my natural hair journey in pictures or click here to watch on Youtube.