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Natural Hair Newbie Starter Kit / How to avoid being a "Product Junkie".

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This post started out as just one topic and then morphed into two (since they go hand in hand) as it progressed, hence the 2-in-1 heading. Back to business......
There is this tendency to become what is known a "product junkie" if you are starting out as a naturalista, except being frugal is one of your virtues. You see a stranger's hair looking yummy and you are like "what do you use for your hair?"
The person tells you and off to natural hair stores you go. Only to find out on application, the product doesn't work for your hair or
you aren't getting the best results.
This same thing continues to repeat itself and before you know it, you find yourself with a truckload of products. Damn! do I really own all this? You see that look on your face? Hehehe.

One way to avoid this is to get the basics and also, be patient with your hair.
It will always grow so take time out to learn your hair - pay attention to what it needs, search out other naturalistas that have the same hair type as you do, do your research on products and their ingredients before getting them, 'cos you really don't want to end up wasting your money.
Now to the deets...
I will be listing out the basic products and tools you will need.
  • Spray bottle - Mine has a mixture of water, vegetable glycerin, rosewater concentrate, tea tree/lavender oil, and almond oil (content changes when exhausted).
  • Hair shears/scissors  - I use this to trim off split ends or knots I can't untangle.
  • A carrier oil like olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil and there is a long list of them (YOU JUST NEED TO GET ONE OR TWO, NOT ALL). Had to emphasize that.
  • An essential oil - preferably a stimulating one like peppermint oil
  • A sealant - The almighty ori or okuma, English name is shea butter. This does wonders for my hair.
  • A leave - in conditioner - For moisturizing your hair on  a daily or twice weekly basis depending on what your hair needs.
  • A rinse out conditioner - To soften your hair after using a shampoo, you leave this in for about 5 minutes so it can penetrate your hair and then rinse out.
  • A deep conditioner - You may not really have to buy this from natural hair stores. If you are good and have patience for experimenting, you can whip up a DIY deep conditioner.
  • A sulphate free shampoo - To wash off grime and dirt without stripping off sebum from your hair.
Oooops....forgot to add this....A shower cap when deep conditioning. Your good ol' plastic bag/nylon can do the trick. As for me, I use any that fits my head.
I think that's basically it.
If there is anything you think I have left out, let me know in the comment section below.
See you in my next post.

For the love of kinks and curls,
'Cisca O.

P.S I am so so sorry for not keeping my promise of posting on my mini length check. You are definitely going to see it soonest. I think I need a blog planner right now.

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