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To Big chop or Transition - My story

I finally made the decision to go natural in final year of Pharmacy School. Had a colleague that had started out and I really liked how her hair was turning out. It was quite easy for me to make my decision because I really didn't have a lot of growth for like 7 years at the time...and I wanted growth like really wanted growth.
So I decided to keep making my hair but no relaxers...
this continued for about 6 months I think, until  one fateful day...

I had just taken out a weave, combing the hair became an issue.
It felt like the comb was struggling with which hair texture to follow.

cisca kinks

In a split second, I took my mom's scissors and cut the hair, no blinking.
That was how my journey into the world of kinks and curls started. 

If you are deciding whether to big chop or transition, do what works for you. But if you feel you may end up putting relaxers back on your hair.....maybe you should consider doing the big chop and start wiggin'it or do some protective styles with extensions....not tight ones tho or like me, rock your teeny weeny afro (it was fun while it lasted).

cisca kinks
                                      This pic was taken some 2 years back.

I think this is all for this post.
Hope to see you in the next one. Feel free to comment and ask your questions in the comment section below.

For love of kinks and curls
The beauty in natural hair. 

'Cisca O.

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