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Taking Moringa seeds for Healthy Hair and more!

I remember back then in Pharmacy school when we memorize scientific names of numerous plants that have pharmaceutical benefits. It was a constant battle especially when Pharmacognosy exams were approaching. Any pharmacist in the house?🙋🙌

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One of such plants is Moringa Oleifera, the Moringa you always hear about. Everything about it is nutritional - the leaves, seed,  flower, stem even the roots. The Internet is packed with goodies about this plant. If you have this tree, you are the real MVP.

There is abundance of this plant in the Northern region of Nigeria. It contains powerful antioxidants that help to fight free radicals in the body which could cause illnesses. I have always wanted to take Moringa not in its natural form though, but as a supplement (processed form) to help boost my immune system. If you visit Pharmacy stores, you will also find it in tea form. I have heard stuff that the seed has a very unpleasant taste. My mum would offer it to me but I always rejected it, so I went for the supplements instead. Now, Moringa supplements are not cheap. Generally supplements aren't. I got a bottle of 120 capsules containing the leaf powder for N6400 when the exchange rate was still normal o. Mehn.... that's plenty money even for me, but health they wealth. I kept taking and taking and of course I was seeing the benefits. I stopped taking it for a while during which I came down with this terrible cough.
One of the senior colleagues where I work who saw me during one of my cough fits offered me the seeds, then all d stuffs I have heard about its taste came strolling down memory lane. He went further to tell me that the taste isn't that bad that I should really try it out. Since I wanted that cough out of my system, I went ahead.
Extracting the seed
cisca kinks
Moringa seed. I dunno why my palm lines are this visible though.

To get the seed, the shell is cracked open like groundnut shells. The seed(s) is white is colour. When chewing, there is a gradual change in taste from tasteless to bitter to sweet. I didn't find it unpleasant at all, My first time, I had about 3 seeds that day and later graduated to 4 per day. That's how much I love it now. Plus if you can chew bitter kola, you most definitely can take this.
Please do not take it on an empty stomach - It has a way of messing with your system (Testimony from my mum and my senior colleague at the office)
You can even use it to prepare a moringa delicacy if you are experimental. Eating Moringa

Benefits of Moringa seeds for hair
As I mentioned earlier, it contains a lot of antioxidants so I did a little research on some that are beneficial to our hair.
  • Oleic acid - This oil is an important asset to our hair because it helps to moisturize your hair strands. Source.
  • Beta carotene - Also known as pro Vitamin A, Beta carotene is very necessary for cell growth including your hair cells. It also reduces dry scalp issues such as flaking/dandruff. Source.
  • Tocopherol - Also known as Vitamin E, has antioxidant properties that help repair damaged hair follicles, It conditions your hair and helps prevent premature graying. Source.
  • Iron - Hair loss can also be attributed to iron deficiency. This means that Iron helps to stimulate hair growth indirectly because it is involved in the red blood cell formation process. These red blood cells in turn transport nutrients to your hair follicles. 
This is all I have for now.
Have you taken moringa in its natural or processed form or do you have more information about Moringa?

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