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Washing Natural 4C Hair in Twists vs Braids.

Hey guys, I recently tried out something which I have now fully incorporated into my hair routine. Throughout my natural hair journey until now, I have always washed my hair in twists either after my deep conditioning process in which I usually twist the deep conditioner in or a week or two post deep-conditioning, when my hair has accumulated a little dirt and it itches.

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I prefer to style my hair in twists because they are easy to install and easy to take down. A day came that I decided to style my hair for the week in braids and that's how I came about washing my hair in braids. After about a week (post braid), I decided to co-wash my hair and noticed that my hair didn't shrink as much unlike when I would wash it in twists.
Amazing right? I think this is because there is little or no room for shrinkage on braided hair. Natural 4c hair on a norm shrinks when it comes in contact with water/moisture and your coils can entwine with each other resulting in tangles, knots and possibly breakage. When I discovered this, I kept wondering why I ran away from braids. Maybe because it takes a little more time to install. I am not a lazy naturalista I am just always busy.
I have continued with this process and it has been awesome thus far plus braiding helps to give my hair some stretch.
Do you wash your hair in braids or twists and which is working for you.
Please do share your opinions / thoughts in the comments!
For love of kinks and curls,
'Cisca O.

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