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Rice Water Rinse on Natural Hair

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I have been experimenting on my hair with ingredients from the kitchen and I must say the results have been worthwhile. 
I didn't want the onion juice post to be lengthy (if you missed it click here)  that's the reason I didn't combine both but they were done on the same day. 
After watching Green Beauty Channel's video on rice water,  

Prepoo-ing Your Hair With Onion Juice | Benefits

cisca kinks
I have been hesitant when it comes to using products available in the kitchen for natural hair, reason being that it requires time to prepare because they are not available to just slap unto your hair. I decided to give it a trial since one of my hair goals for 2017 is maintaining healthy hair without breaking the bank. 
I tried using onion juice (and rice water - post for another day) this past weekend so let's get into the details.

Finger detangling - Time consuming but BENEFICIAL.

I was contemplating not putting up this post but changed my mind 'cos I want y'all to benefit from my experiences. When you see this massive ball of hair,  you can't but wonder from whose head it came.
This is not to scare you but to encourage you to put your hair-care practices / routine in order. I don't think I have been finger detangling properly 'cos this amount of shed/tangled/broken hairs!

How I Restored my Edges/Hairline.

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Twists with "Brazilian wool"
A lot of ladies complain about their edges receding and this may be attributed to our hair care practices. We use all sort of tools, protective styling techniques with or without extensions that can make our hair jump out of our scalp or perform a disappearing act. 

DIY - Satin Bonnet

Hey lovelies­čśä and welcome to the new week!
If you have been following me on the blog you will know  that sometimes I do DIY's. Below is a video on how to make a lined satin bonnet / cap that you can wear on both sides. I had a remnant of the black satin fabric while the brown one cost N160 for half a yard. You would likely get a satin bonnet for the price of about N1000 or N1500 plus delivery price...whoohoo! I just  couldn't deal so I decided to make one.  If interested in making a satin cap,