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Finger detangling - Time consuming but BENEFICIAL.

I was contemplating not putting up this post but changed my mind 'cos I want y'all to benefit from my experiences. When you see this massive ball of hair,  you can't but wonder from whose head it came.
This is not to scare you but to encourage you to put your hair-care practices / routine in order. I don't think I have been finger detangling properly 'cos this amount of shed/tangled/broken hairs!
...I have no words. I decided to do a proper detangling session 2 weekends ago (sorry for the late post) and boy! What a session. I started by dampening a section of hair with my water and glycerin mix. I took my time to separate my hair strand by I must have exaggerated a little. I actually separated my hair (maybe 10 to 15 strands per separation... I didn't count) so it took longer than usual. Whenever I find a knot I couldn't untangle, my Annie stainless steel hair shears came to the rescue. As the finger detangling process continued,  I was scared by the amount of hair that was coming out. I haven't had this amount of shed and broken hairs at one stretch throughout my Natural hair journey. I kept on going anyways.... I was doing it afraid (I made sure not to get frustrated 'cos if that happens, I may rip my hair off). 

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Took me a total of about 7 hours to finish (was doing other stuff in between). When other naturals say taking care of natural hair is not beans, I can't but agree but it's worth it, Natural hair is awesome!

When I was done, it felt like the weight of the whole world has been lifted off my hair...Haha. My hair felt springy and I could run my fingers through it (from root to tip) but carefully though as I did not want to lose more hair.

  • My hair felt really soft post deep conditioning, and I had a great definition.
  • It makes for easy styling of hair (manageable hair)
  • Less frizzy hair
  • In the long run, length is retained.
  • Style last longer
  • It takes time before your hair gets tangled up again.
  • You strengthen your arm muscles..Lol😃
Major Con:
It's time consuming

I styled my hair after finger detangling and deep conditioning. I carried the style for a week and found out that my hair was very free from tangles when taking the style down.
For the style process, You can watch the video below or click here. You would see how easy it was for me to part my stress😊

Your thoughts are highly appreciated, feel free to drop your comments below.
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Till next time which may be soon though 😊
'Cisca O.

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