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Rice Water Rinse on Natural Hair

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I have been experimenting on my hair with ingredients from the kitchen and I must say the results have been worthwhile. 
I didn't want the onion juice post to be lengthy (if you missed it click here)  that's the reason I didn't combine both but they were done on the same day. 
After watching Green Beauty Channel's video on rice water,  
I decided to give it a try. In the video, she lists the various methods of preparing and using rice water as well as their benefits. 
I prepared mine while cooking white rice for consumption (I think I can only do this when there is need for me to eat rice.... Lol).  Halfway through cooking, I decanted the water out, seived with my chiffon headscarf incase there were rice grains lurking below and allowed it to cool a little.
Then I poured the warm rice water into my hair, made sure to massage it in. Covered my hair with my shower cap and left it in there for 30 minutes before rinsing out.
I must say that my hair felt like it had undergone a protein treatment. Inasmuch as rice is a cabohydrate based food, it contains a certain amout of protein. 
The process is quite easy if you have the time for it.
Here is Green Beauty's Video below and she has about 3 methods of preparing Rice water for your Natural Hair.

Have you used Rice water on your natural hair or attempting to use?
If you have any opinion similar or contrary to this post, please feel free to drop your comments below.
For love of kinks and curls,
'Cisca O.


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