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Is it Possible to get Long Nigerian Natural Hair?

cisca kinks
Chinwe of Igbo curls -  Nigerian Natural Hair can indeed grow really long.
Hola friends and welcome to the blog! Today's post is somewhat related to the health and length of our Natural Hair especially us Nigerians and Africans in general. Wait first o....
all I have been blogging about is kinda related to health and length... Well mostly ๐Ÿ˜Š.
The Natural hair movement in Nigeria has brought about awareness on our hair that has not been chemically altered. This has enabled hair meetups where we naturals come together to figure out how to take better care of our hair in its Natural glory๐Ÿ˜, as most of us have more coils than curls making our hair more susceptible to breakage.
I can say for some us our relaxed hair never grew past our shoulders reason being that everything goes with no care for the world... Lol. Though I have seen some relaxed girls with pretty long hair but that's because they are taking extra effort in their hair care practices.
Now that the Natural hair movement is here to stay with big chop or transitioning​ being the alternative,  some of us have become obsessed with getting long hair (including me, but the obsession has stopped). We want our hair to grow long by all means necessary so we start doing the funny hair growth methods, watching YouTube videos that promises hair growth overnight,  taking unnecessary hair supplements and the like (I have fallen victim). That's a lot of stress and waste of good data. If genetics is in not in the play here,  all you need to do is eat healthy, exercise, be healthy, and engage in healthy hair care practices. I have started all this and I have seen tremendous results in the health of my hair and definitely some length. I have seen some Nigerians with really long hair like Chinwe of Igbocurls,

cisca kinks
 Chinwe Juliet
Nibi Lawson of the Kinky Hair Apothecary, TY bello, and Hadassah of Nappilynigeriangirl with long kinky coily hair that when stretched, reaches up to waist length (I am getting there sha).
cisca kinks
Nibi Lawson

cisca kinks
TY Bello

cisca kinks
Hadassah of Nappilynigeriangirl

This didn't happen overnight, it took time. And that's what we forget, with TIME all things being equal comes length. Forget about the obsession,  hair will always grow (except you have some illness causing your hair to fall out or not grow) all you need to do is ensure you retain that length.
With this said, I hope that we focus more on HEALTH than length.

For love of kinks and curls.
'Cisca O.

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