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My Facials Routine

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Towards the end of last year, I discovered that I have a tough, oily, acne prone skin which has not been receptive to most treatments I have tried in the past. I was having this bad breakout that refused to go away though acne has been with me since puberty. I decided to do something about my skincare after attending NITC 17 and NITC 18 is tomorrow so watch this space ✌...

Arami Essentials Onyx black polish (got it at NITC 17)
Turmeric powder
Bentonite clay
Kunimed Activated charcoal
Natural Nigerian Grapeseed oil
Forever Living Aloe scrub
Bragg's Apple cider vinegar
Cream of nature argan oil
Sonya Aloe purifying cleanser

Not all are here...
Here is a quick rundown below
Weekdays/Sunday Morning
  • Exfoliate with face scrub,
  • Wash face with Arami Essentials Onyx black polish alone or w/ turmeric powder.

Weekdays/Sunday Night
  • Clean my face with baby wipes (I add a little grapeseed oil by Natural Nigerian which I have had since like forever),
  • Apply Arami Essentials Onyx black polish w/ turmeric powder, leave for 5 minutes and wash off,
  • Allow face to dry,
  • Apply a little argan oil and massage on my face.

Saturday Morning
  • Cleanse face with Forever Aloe Purifying cleanser or Apple cider vinegar(3 parts water, 1 part ACV),
  • Exfoliate with face scrub,
  • Apply activated charcoal/bentonite clay/turmeric/egg powder face mask (double exfoliation),
  • Allow skin to totally dry (skin feels taut afterwards),
  • Peel off and wash face with Arami Essentials Onyx black polish alone or w/ turmeric powder.

For Saturday night, I repeat the weekday nightly routine. I like the fact that whenever I use the Arami Essentials Onyx black polish with or without turmeric powder, it leaves my skin dry.  I am not that dedicated, sometimes I miss some steps but I hope this acne leaves me for good though it has started drying out.....yaaay💃to that.

I posted a video on my youtube channel about my first tryout with the activated charcoal and egg peel-off face mask to remove whiteheads.

Skin care tips worthy of note:

  • Use a towel to dry your face separate from your body towel .
  • Wash or change your pillow case/slip frequently.
  • Use a very light non-comedogenic oil to moisturize your face.

Question for you: How do you take care of your face💆 or do you have any tips on facial care?
See you in the comments
'Cisca O.


  1. Hi, Didn't your face feel too dry. I have oily face/skin but when i use products that dry my skin, my skin feels to dry and I get scared of using anything oily so as to prevent breakout, what do I use to moisturise and what non-comedogenic oils do you know of for oily skin?

    1. My skin didn't feel dry at all. I have combination skin which is oily skin around my T-zone and cheek, while other areas are dry. I tend to focus my skin care routine on my oily areas, The only oil I use which I mentioned in the post is argan oil though not all the time. Other non comedogenic oils are jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil.