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Pre-poo | The Why's and How to.

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Prepoo huh? Yes PrePoo.
This post is mostly targeted to our transitioning or newbie natural sisters or those who don't know what pre-poo is. To our veteran Naturals or Natural hair gurus, please feel free to chime in.

But first what does prepoo or prepoo-ing mean.

Prepoo from my understanding is the act of preparing your hair prior to the shampoo process "pre-shampoo". It involves the application of products whether D.I.Y or store bought to your hair so the shampoo doesn't strip your hair of its oils.  The products themselves need to be able to penetrate your cuticles.

Why prepoo when you the shampoo will wash away probably all of it
Prepoo-ing is a form of conditioning treatment that prepares your hair for the wash day manipulation and include these but not limited to moisturizers, oils, hair butters and honey. Shampooing after this process leaves your hair clean with some oils but not squeaky clean (squeaky is a no-no)
I mostly use my blend of oils, onion juice, click here for the recipe or hair trigger explosive growth elixir I got from a friend a long time ago which has refused to I have also tried honey in the past which is equally good but I didn't like it much 'cos it was sticky. Now after application, what do you do? You can cover your hair with a plastic cap so heat can be generated to open your hair cuticles so they can absorb the available nutrients the product provides. This can be done overnight. 
You can also use a portable hair steamer to cut your pre-poo time short to about 15 minutes. If you are considering using a conditioner, I will advise that you either twist your hair after application or find another alternative that doesn't have a very high percentage of water if not your hair will begin to shrink up on application as shown in Nappy fu's video.

How to do a prepoo.

  • Cut out your hair in smaller sections (I usually part my hair in 7 sections because of the length of my hair)
  • Apply product of  choice in those sections and make sure to massage them into your hair from roots to end but more products to your ends, you may decide to detangle or not (I prefer not to).
  • Twist those sections back up,
  • Cover with plastic cap overnight or use a steamer for 30 minutes.
  • Then wash off.


  • Helps for easy detangling of your hair (This is dependent on the product to be used).
  • Adds nutrients and moisture to your hair.
  • Prevents your shampoo from stripping off sebum from your hair.
  • Helps fight breakage.
  • Aids in length retention.
So guys what do you use as your prepoo? and if you haven't been doing that 👀, you should😊. Stay tuned for more posts by subscribing to my blog here
For love of kinks and curls,
'Cisca O.

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