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How I got my "Hair in Puff" to stay moisturized.

Hey guys,
I styled my hair in a puff throughout last week, but I knew in my heart that I will have to deal with tangles because of how tightly coiled my hair is (If there's a 4d texture, my hair will probably fall in that category). Shrinkage is a norm when my hair is not twisted or braided, I guess it's that for everybody with kinky hair.
I am going to share with you how I got my puff to stay moisturized (The length of time I carried the style was a week).
The first thing I do to my hair after getting back from work is to tie the base of the hair round with a chiffon scarf.
cisca kinks

Then I cover my puff with my satin bonnet and off to bed I go.

The following morning, I spritz my puff with my Kui leave-in spray. Specifically a spray because it covers a large surface area and it is liquidy. If you have a thick leave-in conditioner, make sure you evenly spread it on your palm and scrunch it into your hair
cisca kinks

Then I use my fingers and palms to scrunch the leave-in in and then stretch my hair. I proceed to pat it with my palms to put it in shape and then I am off to work. 
cisca kinks

That's basically it! It's as simple as that and of course I do this every night and morning.
I didn't have to re-tie my hair  into a puff because the chiffon scarf I used at the base of my hair helped to set it; so no tension, no breakage, no traction alopecia - my hair is happy!😄

Thanks for stopping by my blog,
'Cisca O.

P.S - The purpose of these pictures is to show you how I moisturize my hair and it was taken on the same day. I still followed my routine of tying my hair the night before and moisturizing it the following day.

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  1. I'm struggling with my natural hair. Its always dry and its not growing as fast as it should.