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Since the Natural hair movement came to be, we Naturals have been looking for easier ways to take care of our hair....

We all (or most of us) know of the hair typing system that categorizes our curl pattern in numbers and letters with the loose hair at the top and the curlier and coilier ones at the bottom. Down the hair chart as said earlier, texture is curlier and/or coilier and I fall into the last group which is 4c.
cisca kinks
My 4c strands.
Naturals having this texture have very fragile hair strands as each bend or coil is a potential breaking point. So we end up doing a lot to prevent our hair from breaking and so we can retain a lot of length.

There is one question though, why try to change something that doesn't want to be changed (I am referring to combing your natural hair). If you are a natural with kinky coily textures you would have realised that no matter how often you comb your hair which can be a painful process by the way, our strands still want to go back to their natural state. Then the finger detangling method came up where we use our fingers instead to comb our hair which helps us not to yank our hair off our scalp and is less painful.

In Nigeria here, Carrying natural hair turns a lot of heads with questions following. Some people do not believe that Natural hair can indeed grow really long. I mentioned a few people in this post to prove them wrong.
For some who are still new in their Natural hair journey you hear a lot of statements like "my hair is stubborn" "it is too tough" "I can't comb it". There are a lot of resources out there to actually help you take care of your hair especially online and I mean a lot. Just take time out to look for them.

So what steps have we taken to taken to care for our hair especially 4c texture which I identify with.
The No comb rule - Our hair is coily from root to tip so there is bound to be matting going on down our roots with out we knowing. Our coils always want to be bff's, lol. For me, using combs on my hair is a no no 'cos at the end of the day, my head feels like its on fire (I am tender headed like that) and I have a lot of breakage. Plus this 4c hair can break combs what's the point especially when my fingers can do the job only it takes a lot of time.

The right "detangling" product - In conjunction with the no comb rule, finding the right "detangling" hair product is very important for 4c texture. It will definitely make the process easy breezy for you and enable length retention. You need a product that has a lot of slip. There are a lot of products that claim to have a lot of slip but when you use it, it does nada for you. A lot of trial and error goes into this one just make sure you find the right one fast.

Deep condition once a week or every two weeks - I am drawing my ear for this one as African parents do when trying to warn their kids. Doing this helps your hair a lot as it provides nutrient and moisture for your hair. My last deep conditioner was from African Naturalistas line and my God😲, the slip in that deep conditioner (this automatically means no detangling during prepoo). Now that it is exhausted with no "kudi" to get another, I am going down the DIY road - Infact I recently posted about my D.I.Y deep conditioner here.

Keep your hair stretched most of the time - This can help you avoid tangles, knots and possible breakage. I avoid shrinkage as much as possible especially on wash days by washing in twists or braids - there is a post here on that. some people also wash their hair in conrows. African threading is also another no heat method of keeping your hair stretched as well.

I believe there are a thousand and one steps/method/tricks to taking care of 4c hair and other hair textures. This is just my two cents and I hope it helps you one way or the other.

If you have any tips you use in managing your kinky texture, do let us know in the comments, Someone might need it😊.

Till next time, 
'Cisca O.

P.S These tips are not limited to the 4c texture alone but can cut across all curly textures.

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