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cisca kinks

Hi everyone,
It has been on my mind to make my own wig so I purchased some wig making tools sometime last year and got around to making a crochet wig right here (going to change that into a proper wig). But since then, I haven't really done much making wigs.
I see wigs as a form of protective style
especially when I want to protect my hair from the elements and I sometimes like to cover my hair with a wig when I am not in the mood to style my hair.

Call it tutorial or experimenting but someone is definitely going to learn a thing or two from this. If you are into DIY's like me then hop in๐Ÿ˜‰. I am not a professional wig maker o please don't get me wrong. I am just a Nappy haired gal showing you other ways to protect your hair.
So Yaay. I made my first proper wig and of course there were mistakes. You can learn from my mistakes as I am learning from them too.

Materials / Tools you will need
  • Mannequin Head
  • Curved Needle
  • T-pins or Tacks
  • Sewing thread
  • Wig cap / Base
  • Wefted hair / Hair weave
cisca kinks
This wefted hair came in a pack of 6 bundles and a round closure.
I start by fitting the wig on the mannequin head and holding it down with my T-pins. I pin the wig cap close to the ear as you can see in the picture below and then the back. The mannequin head should be piercable so your pins can hold the wig cap in place.
cisca kinks

I begin sewing the wefted hair/weave from the back with the smallest length so it gives it a sort of layered effect and continue to go up that way, doubling the wefts in some areas as I go on. I use the blanket stitch method to sew in the wefts (you can sew through the weft or underneath it - I prefer sewing through it though)
NOTE: Make the stitch length about 1 cm as this gives the stitches more hold and also, double your thread for durability. That was where my mistake was (my stitch length was about 1 inch)
cisca kinks

As I get to the crown area, I begin to take the wefts round to do a sort of round closure, also doubling the wefts where necessary and making the distance between wefts a lot smaller than it was at the back.

cisca kinks

 At the open space you can see in the picture below where the arrow is pointing, I place the round closure there and sew it in.
cisca kinks

VOILA! my wig is made. It didn't take much time to actually complete the process, say a total of about 5 hours. I have been rocking this wig for close to 2 weeks now and I must say my hair is enjoying its much needed break.
cisca kinks

Hope this helps or inspires someone one way or the other. 
Till next time, 
'Cisca O.

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