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I stumbled on this youtube video titled "Ayuverda for beast mode" and I was like whaaat!! which one is beast mode again?
I watch youtube videos a lot and hey I also have a youtube myself, so go SUBSCRIBE 😊😊. But after watching a lot of videos that claim to grow hair overnight (that was in the past I decided not to watch this one 'cos I interpreted this one as "one of those overnight hair growth videos. Fast forward two days later, a friend of mine sent me a link to that same video and I decided to watch it and I am glad I did. Post watching that video, I came up with a list of ayuverda treatments for hair,
some of which I have used in the past and plan to use soon.

Let's begin;
This was the first ayurveda herb that I used and was hoping my hair will pick up the colouring property. I guess it did because part of my hair got the reddish highlight which was visible under sunlight but if you want the colour from henna, you have to be consistent with it's use. Henna has the ability to condition your hair, strengthen it and also balance sebum production. Please make sure the henna you wanna get is 100% pure as some may be mixed with chemicals which can cause severe allergic reactions. I buy mine from African Naturalistas or now Beautiphic. Also some people claim that henna dries out their hair so if you notice this, please do follow up with a deep conitioning treatment.

How to use; If you are looking to add colour to your hair, mix your sieved henna powder with water gotten from hibiscus-water mix(this should be wine in color), add an acidic ingredient like lemon juice - this helps henna develop its colour. Leave for 12 hours then apply to your hair, leave for 6 hours and rinse out. repeated application withh surely give your hair if it's naturally black, a reddish tint.
For quick conditioning/strengthening, mix your henna powder with water till you get a paste - you can add any oil of your choice, apply to your hair for 1 - 2 hours then rinse out. Follow up with a deep conditioner incase of dryness.

This is the one I like best because it can be found easily here in Nigeria and is very cheap. It can be incorporated into a lot of mixes, shampoo, conditioner, tea rinses etc. It helps with hair growth by stimulating dormant hair follicles. It contains vitamin c which helps with collagen production - collagen is what gives your hair its strength. With this you can say bye bye to breakage and welcome growth, thickness and volume.
It is also rich in amino acids to help strengthen your hair strands (your hair is composed of protein so this helps to strengthen weak hair).


Bentonite clay is seen and known as a detoxifier as it has the ability to adsorb impurites both from skin and hair due to the electronegative charge it carries. 

How to use; You can mix your bentonite clay with diluted Apple cider vinegar to get a smooth paste, you can also add any oil of your choice and then apply to your hair. The apple cider vinegar helps to neutalize the pH of the bentonite clay. 
Do not leave on your hair for longer than 30 minutes as it dries very quicky then rinse out. This drying property makes bentonite clay very useful and popular for facials as it helps tighten the pores of skin on drying.

Also known as gooseberry, has the power to prevent breakage by strengthening your hair strands. It is high in antioxidants to help fight off damaging free radicals. 
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For use as a hair masque, its powder can be mixed in various proportion with the additions of oils of your choice, leave for an hour or two and then rinse out.
Another name for shikaikai is "hair fruit". It used to cleanse the hair and can replace your conventional shampoo. It is very rich in antioxidant so your hair is definitely going to benefit a lot from its use. It does well to soothe your scalp, take care of dandruff, prevent hairloss and premature graying.

How to use: mix an equal amount of shikaikai powder with any othe ayuverda powder like aritha, amla or bhrami. Mix with water and leave overnight. The following day, you can decide to to boil the mix and strain, or just strain, then apply to your hair , cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes and rinse out.

This works similarly to bentonite clay but has a higher silica and magnesium content which is great. It is prepared the same way as bentonite clay for a hair and face mask. Do not allow to dry on hair as that can contribute to breakage.
 rhassoul clay
rhassoul clay

This is another ayurveda powder that works just like shikaikai. It is also known as soapnut - well with soap in that name, it definitely has some cleansing properties as it is very rich in saponins.
 Aritha powder
It contains vitamins, helps reduce frizz and breakage in your hair as well as fights dandruff. It can be incoporated in your ayuverda powder mix as well.

Also known as methi in hindi has been used to take care of many hair problems from dandruff to preventing hair loss. It is rich in protein, vitamin C, Iron etc and these are of great benefits to our hair.
How to use: Soak the quantity of fenugreek seeds you feel will be enough for your hair overnight (fenugreek swells in water) and blend to form a paste. You can apply to your scalp and hair leave for 30minutes to 1 hour and rinse out. Other beneficial herbs such as amla and hibiscus can also be added to the fenugreek paste and mixed properly before application. Alternatively fenugreek powder can be used.

This is another ancient and powerful ayuverdic powder that helps prevent hairloss, premature graying and promotes hair shine and colour.
How to use: Create a paste by mixing with water or any beneficial oil of your choice and apply to your hair and scalp making sure to massage it in. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse out.

There are definitely more ayuverda plants/clays out there but these are the ones I have used and will use in the nearest future. I have already got myself some henna, bentonite, aritha, amla, fenugreek and shikaikai powder and also dried hibiscus leaves and will be sharing the recipes I make out of them with you pretty soon.

Have you used any of these Ayuverdic powders/seeds and how did it go?
Please share with us in the comments.

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