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Hey people, been a while there was a naturalista feature on this blog, yea? So anyhoo, here's one for you to feast your reading eyes onπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Tell us about you?
Hello, my name is Mercy Familusi and I am a beauty and natural hair enthusiast, I am also very passionate about personal development.

What are your thoughts natural hair and its movement in Nigeria?

I think it is an amazing birth of the concept of self-love in the sense that it is promoting being bold enough to wear your hair in its natural state in an environment where it is regarded as a plague in terms of all its supposed disadvantages. It is very common for people in this clime to have 1001 reasons why their natural hair is terrible. I think it has also helped sensitize us on opting for hair and skincare products containing natural ingredients and this is gradually becoming a lifestyle in the natural hair community

Why did you decide to go natural? and did you BC or transitioned?
The internet had a huge role to play in my switch as I was then being exposed to the diverse beauty of natural hair. It then arose a sense of dissatisfaction in my scanty relaxed hair so I started to transition and I eventually chopped off all my relaxed tips after about 10 months.

What was your experience like?
Transitioning was quite hectic - hectic because I was still trying to understand the hair grooming process and where to access the appropriate products. I was also trying to get used to my now thick roots and how to ensure that products get there.

How long have you grown your Natural hair and what do you think is your hair texture?
I have had my natural hair for 2 years 7 months now and my hair is largely 4b.

Do you feel keeping Natural hair can be tasking/difficult?
On many days, it can be tasking but it I generally enjoyable so I cannot refer to it as difficult. 

Do you have a hair care regimen / routine. 
Oh yes I do! I love to cleanse and deep condition on a weekly basis and I do some special treatments every now and then like masques and tea rinse. I co-wash on days I feel like I have so much build up and I am very busy with work. However, daily, I like to spray my hair mist but I moisturize between once in 3 days and daily depending on how well moisturised my hair is and of course depending on the weather. 

Have you dealt with any hair issues since returning Natural?
Oh yes, several issues ranging from dandruff to hair breakage, split ends and knots. 

Do you plan to go down the relaxed road later? 

Have you gotten any negative comments about your hair and how do you deal with it?
Yes I have (haha!), I have been told I did not comb my hair properly, my hair doesn’t fit me and it doesn’t look good amongst other things. But I am really unbothered, I smile, appreciate their concern and move on like nothing happened.

What's your holy grail product and must have accessory?
My holy grail product at the moment is my Kui hair mist and my must have accessory is my hair brush from Savvy chic that I use to make my hair sleek and edges laid especially when I have my hair in a bun.

What are your favorite natural hair styles?
A sleek bun! (High and really low), I love me some very defined curls too. 

What advice do you have for anyone intending to go natural?
Don’t be afraid to experiment with products and techniques because that is the only way you will find out what really works for your hair. However, do not use any ingredient or tool that is known to be damaging.

Where can we stalk the heaven outta you!  I mean your social media accounts. 
Haha! IG baby : @mercyfamilusi my snapchat too: deola_f

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