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Tell us about you?
Helllurrr!!! I go by the name Ginigeme Anita, a scientist who has carved a nichΓ© for herself within the beauty and natural hair industry; I'm a beauty and natural hair enthusiast, and I'm always looking to learn the next tip or share it.

What are your thoughts natural hair and its movement in Nigeria ?
Change, everyone says is constant, and so it is! Things go out of style, yet come back into style.Natural Hair , and it's  movement in Nigeria, and even worldwide is similar. In previous times though, no one cared much for natural hair, but all of a sudden, it became the hottest rave in the society. I for one, am proud to see my brothers and sisters returning back to their roots. 

Why did you decide to go natural? and did you BC or transition?
Geez!! This one's a full story! First of all, I didn't GO natural. I RETURNED to natural; simply back use I was BORN NATURAL. Now to answer to this question can't be direct because I returned natural not precisely of my own accord but yet, it was of my own accord.
Growing up in my family, a stubborn female child would have her 'crown' lowered due to her misbehavior and what-not. Moving on, I admit to being a stubborn child, but when my mother threatened the above, I shrug it off as nothing. Fast forward, every time I commit an offence, she would cease the opportunity to remind me of the 'threat'. So I decided to take the power out of her hands, and instead, lay it in mine. At the said time, I had single braids on without extensions so I grabbed either a razor or pair of scissors - can't quite remember - and I chopped off each section about 1.5 inches from the root. I emerged feeling victorious, and thinking my mum had no power over the situation any longer..just for my mum to say these words, "Well, you're going to have to lower it at the barbing salon." Chei! My weld came crumbling down...
My Aunt who was a sucker for natural and healthy living has been giving me some insights into the benefits of letting go of relaxers - so when I had my low cut, I decided to start from there and see what the natural hair journey ahead had in store for me.
So far, the experience has been both boring and exciting, upsetting and exhilarating, expensive and inexpensive, frustrating and insightful.

How long have you grown your Natural hair and what do you think is your hair texture? 
My cut was made in the summer of 2009, so I'd say I've been natural for about 8 years. This includes all the low cuts I had to endure, and also my 3 mega chops in between. 
As for my hair texture ,I'm sure if the fact I have 4b/4c hair...I'm certain I may have others ,but haven't discovered them yet.

Do you feel keeping Natural hair can be tasking/difficult ?
Of course it can be tasking, but it can also be very easy!!

Do you have a hair care regimen / routine.
I wouldn't say I have a steady hair regimen but I have a mental one though. I undertake what my hair needs and when it does.

Have you dealt with any hair issues since returning Natural? 
Yes for hair issues! There was this time I had temporary faux local installed, and boy, I rocked them. The due date for take down arrived and I hopped over to the salon, only for the APPRENTICE to chop off my hair (including edges) along with the extensions. I'd say I have edges at the moment, although ,I wouldn't call them plentiful and in abundance, so sometimes, I like to blame HER for the predicament.
I've also dealt with properly moisturising and retaining moisture. I've picked up a lot of knowledge along the way, but I'm yet to get that perfect moisturising routine down.I'm very close though. 

Do you plan to go down the relaxed road later? 
I don't see myself going down the relaxed road anymore, but due to my enthusiasm for experiments, I may, but no doubt, I'd always return natural.

Have you gotten any negative comments about your hair and how do you deal with it?
One day though I had my hair in a style I'd like to call cute...I don't remember my puff (back in the days I left my ends out) ever being tacky. This elderly lady beckoned to me and told me, "Do you know this your hair is ugly? " I was taken aback..She further expressed,  "You look like Bob Marley," or something of the sort though. Her opinion really aggravated me. I've gotten negative comments very few times so it's all a blur, but lately, anytime someone refers to my hair, they're in awe, eager to learn about my journey and gain insight into the universe of natural hair. 
P.S. I stick to wraps, tuck and roll styles these days. It gives some sort of elegance to your 'crown' if you ask me plus more volume πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

What's your holy grail product and must have accessory?
Holu grail produuct : I'm sorry, I have to have 2...they would would be oil blend and a deep /leave-in conditioner( that makes 3 πŸ˜‚) ..My accessories are 2 also (satin bonnet and spray bottle, though if I had to pick one it would be the satin bonnet).

What are your favorite natural hair styles?
For styles involving only my hair without extensions, then that would be my wrap styles and tuck and roll styles, sometimes I combine all 3 in one style..Then with extensions, my go-to styles are a faux High bun with old wool and/or protective braids with kinky extensions.

What advice do you have for anyone intending to go natural?
Again , you don't decide to GO natural, you decide to RETURN natural.Advice anyone?
Simple, your hair is your CROWN. It's your glory. Live it, nurture it and love it. It's yours to own.
Keep in mind though that this requires some sort of discipline, patience and understanding as you would have with a child.

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