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Tell us about you and what you do?
Hey beautiful people,  I am Elizabeth Ejigbo,  a natural hair enthusiast and owner of Nbestnaturals brand which creates a platform for naturalistas, natural hair bloggers and enthusiasts  to meet and help each other in their hair journeys. Yes before I forget I am a Law Student too😁
What are your thoughts about natural hair and its movement in Nigeria ?
I am so excited that we have returned natural. yes! we didn't just go natural but have returned back to our roots and heritage. Natural hair is now appreciated and those who are naturals are no longer looked upon as old fashioned or being too religious.  I also feel that Natural hair is a trend that has come to stay for good, so for those of you that think it's a trend that will fade away, I am sorry  to disappoint you.
Why did you decide to return natural? and did you BC or transitioned?
It was so beautiful when I saw my friend's hair and I knew it was for me and also the trend contributed to my going Natural. I transitioned for three months and did a big chop afterwards.
What was the experience like?
I don't know why I was devastated after the BC because my hair was so short.  Maybe because I expected my hair to grow like magic. I know that a lot of us Naturals expect this too but please don't be like me. 
How long have you grown your Natural hair and what do you think is your hair texture? 
My cut was in April 2015. I am 2 years 5 months natural and I  think my hair texture is mostly 4b and a little bit of 4c . I won't be surprised if I discover more textures.
Do you feel keeping Natural hair can be tasking/difficult?
Well for me it is not tasking or difficult, it is like caring for our hair the same way we care for the remaining part of our body especially our face. It can be demanding but you can always make it fun, for me it was a way to discover self love.
Do you have a hair care regimen / routine. 
Yes I have a hair routine. I try to keep my routine very simple by using the LOC method to moisturize, wash and deep condition twice a month,  do a protein treatment once a month, trim my hair when necessary, sleep in a satin bonnet and pillowcase and avoid heat etc. 
Have you dealt with any hair issues since returning Natural? 
NO I have not.
Do you plan to go down the relaxed road later? 
Have you gotten any negative comments about your hair and how do you deal with it?
LOL a lot!  I can remember when I was still transitioning and a friend threatened me that I will get tired of my hair and relax it. I told myself I will prove to her that I can do it and it's so funny that she is now natural. lol the tables turned. Also when someone said my hair looks ugly and unkempt, lol. In my mind I knew the person was jealous😏
What's your holy grail product and must have hair accessory?
Water and Conditioner !!! sorry I have more than one. You can say water is everywhere but it's my best hair product lol, followed by my conditioner because I love moisture. Hair pins are my must have hair accessory. They just put your hair in the right place.
What are your favorite natural hair styles?
Anyone that knows me will know I love the puff look, bun and Afro. I feel like a Queen in those hair styles especially the puff.
What advice do you have for anyone intending to return natural?
Patience, Good hair care routine, consistency and LOVE your CROWN. Its not anybody's hair but your OWN HAIR, so love it , invest in it, care for it and it will come out well.
Where can we stalk the heaven outta you!  I mean your social media accounts. 
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