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Herbal oil infusions are a way of getting the benefits of a herb or herbs and the oil all in one. The benefits of oil infusions cannot be over emphasized as you can make a thousand and one herbal oil infusions with various benefits.
Examples of herbal oil infusions are neem leaves in coconut oil, turmeric in olive oil,  neem leaves in sunflower oil and a host of others. The goal you want to achieve in either your hair or skin will determine your choice of herb and oil.

Want to go Natural? Consistency is key - Wilma Doofan

It seems the natural hair trend is here to stay. Wilma shares her natural hair journey with us and tips you will need as well.

Tell us about you and what you do?
Hi guys, my name is Wilma Doofan Tar, a beauty Enthusiast, Natural hair lover and Explorer✈✈️.
What are your thoughts about the natural hair movement in Nigeria ?