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Want to go Natural? Consistency is key - Wilma Doofan

It seems the natural hair trend is here to stay. Wilma shares her natural hair journey with us and tips you will need as well.

Tell us about you and what you do?
Hi guys, my name is Wilma Doofan Tar, a beauty Enthusiast, Natural hair lover and Explorer✈✈️.
What are your thoughts about the natural hair movement in Nigeria ?

I would say it's amazing and empowering, teaching women that they are beautiful with their kinky hair and awesome ways to manage it without the use of chemicals.
What was your motivation to return natural? and did you BC (Big chop) or transition?
I must be frank, I have not gotten over the reason I relaxed my hair because there was absolutely no need to relax it. I went natural because my hair is special. Usually when I have to relax my hair and it's washed off and dried, it looks natural. It never sleeps and I come out with an Afro. The only time it's laid down is if I straightened her. About either BC or Transitioned? I transitioned o ( I no get liver to BC) for 2 years.
What was the experience like?
Transitioning was painful make I no lie, but if I have to do it all over I'll big chop. I probably was naive and insecure about growing the hair back but now I know better. On a scale of 1-10, I'm loving it 10/10
How long have you grown your Natural hair and what do you think is your hair texture? 
I would be officially 1 year natural this March 2018. I have been blessed with 4a, 4b,and 4c textures all active on my hair, God's special work of art😁. If you have my hair in four sections, the middle is 4c, the top left and the back right are 4a, while the top right and back left is 4b.
Do you feel keeping Natural hair can be tasking/difficult ?
I love it so it's not difficult/tasking and I am blessed with great hair that's soft (literally, baby hair), so I don't get to experience the hurts and pains .
Do you have a hair care regimen / routine? If YEs, do share with us. 
Yes: pre-poo, cleanse, deep condition, seal (every 2 weeks).
Moisturize (everyday). 
Henna (once a month).
Co-wash(once a week depends on product build up).
Have you dealt with any hair issues since returning Natural? 
Breakage but I think that's normal, a lot of times after wash day I'll have hair come off and I'll panic but I later realized that that was normal. Right now I hardly have hair off.  
Do you plan to go down the relaxed road later? 
Oh no, I'm natural for life. Like I mentioned earlier, I wish I never relaxed my hair there was actually no point. 
Have you gotten any negative comments about your hair and how do you deal with it?
Yes o. The most recent was by a guy and he goes "why don't you like making your hair?" I'm like why did you say that? He goes "you never have a weave on. When I see you its just your hair bushy out there". Well I just smiled.
What's your holy grail product and must have hair accessory?
Oils oils!I love oils, my hair loves oils (Olive, almond and coconut) and leave in conditioner (I don't joke with moisturizing). My must have hair accessory would be a satin scarf or bonnet. You can never go wrong with that. 
What are your favorite natural hair styles?
Puffs and buns.
What advice do you have for anyone intending to return natural?
I would ask "do you really want to do this"? If the answer is yes then I say go for it. Consistency is key😘
Where can we find you on social media? 
Facebook page: Doofansdreamville
Instagram: Doofansdreamville
Twitter: Doofansdreamville 
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