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My hair regimen or routine begins on WASH DAY with;


  • I prepoo with any penetrating oil or combination of oils of my choice. Oils I use include coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and let's not forget castor oil.
  • I cover with my plastic or shower cap over night so the heat generated can open my hair cuticles for the oils to do their work.
I do this with my diy okra gel which has great slip for detangling my 4c hair and sometimes use it as a prepoo (so I skip the oil prepoo process). Okra has a great conditioning property for hair which I mentioned in this blog post. How I prepare it is here and how I use it on my hair is here.

The following day, I wash my hair with a mild shampoo. I use the VO5 2 in 1 shampoo  & conditioner (in one bottle) which is very mild on my hair strands even though it contains sulfates. I basically just use any good shampoo I have.

Deep Conditioning

  • I proceed to deep condition my hair with my deep conditioner which should have slip for detangling or my D.I.Y Deep conditioning recipe. Sometimes, I include Ayurveda treatments in my hair regimen.
  • Cover with my shower cap and leave for an hour or two.

Two deep conditioners I have used and have slip for my hair is the African Naturalistas deep conditioning mayonnaise and the Organics hair mayonnaise (the latter is a cheapie though it has silicones and mineral oil - thought you should know as they are not good for natural hair, I finished one tub and that was the end).

  • After the time has lapsed, I rinse out the deep conditioner thoroughly - no use of shampoo or rinse out conditioner.
  • Dry my hair with an old Tee or microfibre towel using the patting motion not by rubbing as I do not want to snag my hair strands. Here is an old video on my wash day process.

* I do a protein treatment with Aphogee 2 minute keratin reconstructor prior to deep conditioning whenever I notice I have more breakage than normal.

Over to sealing in moisture 

I have been using the LOC method of moisturising my hair which is what is used generally but discovered my hair does better when I use the LC or LO method.
*L = Liquid / Leave-in *O = Oil *C = Cream
For the rest of the week or two weeks I use a hair mist to hydrate my strands eyery other day.
I also oil my scalp with any hair growth oil to prevent it from drying and also to stimulate hair growth by massaging it in. Here is a video on how I moisturise my hair.

*Ayuverdic Herbs

I have used bentonite clay in the past as well as henna and hibiscus. I am now open to focusing on Ayurveda treatments for hair (but darn....those stuffs are expensive but will last a long time though). Here is a recent post on an Ayuverda treatment I made and applied to my hair.
I will update this page if there is any changes to my hair regimen.

Hope this helps someone out there,
For love of kinks and curls,
'Cisca O.

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